maandag 29 april 2013

Lovalizious on Facebook & some random things

Hi folks! It's been a while again...I've been busy with a lot of things lately. My graduation year (I work as a physiotherapist and study to become specialized in geriatrics) officially started, I have a lot of work (internship and essay) ahead of me. The weather finally became better over here (this week we had two days with +20 degrees Celsius!), so at least I could do my homework on my roof terrace, yay!

Meanwhile, I try to keep the Lovalizious business up and running. I decided it was time to make a Lovalizious-facebook page. It was a step I hesitated to take for a long feels a bit pretentious somehow to start your own 'page'. It's not like I'm a big business or whatsoever, just a crafty girl who sells things sometimes and likes to share her passion online! But on the other hand, I can imagine that not all my facebook friends are interested in my crafty work, while not all people interested in Lovalizious might want to know about my personal life (as far as I share that online :P). So two different places for these things sounded like a good plan, and the Lovalizious-facebook page was finally born.

Hit 'like' if you want to stay updated, I'd be honored!

As I said, I tried to keep the crafty business up and running besides my work and studies. There were several new shop updates: some hoodies (Blythe and YOSD), knitted beanies (Blythe) and the PukiPuki set and lace doilies you can see below:

I'm working on two homemade custom girls (they might take a while) and accepted a commission for a custom Middie. Currently I'm sanding down their faces and carving the mouths and noses. I ordered some new eyelashes and eye chips. I really wish I had more time to customize, I like creating new little characters!

I made these ultra colorful pillowcases for my friend Bernadette. She bought the beautiful fabrics in Peru a while ago during a holiday, and still had not found a good purpose for them. Since her little garden corner is finished now, she thought they might make some nice cushion covers and assigned me to make them! Sewing with such joyful fabrics make me happy :)

I bought this cute camera strap on Ebay for only 4 dollars including shipment! Interested? Here's the link to the store!

As I mentioned before, I did some homework (and also some crafting) on my roof terrace. It was finally warm enough! It resulted in more work though...looking around and seeing dead plants, dust and dirt everywhere, I couldn't help myself ending up cleaning the whole place. 

In the weekends Mark and I have been climbing again. We visited a bouldering centre and got our lead climbing certificate. We're getting closer to our next goal: climbing outside!

Marks parents celebrated their 26 year anniversary and took us for diner at the beach. It was a beautiful evening with a stunning sunset.

I did a little bit of urbexing in my own hometown. A 10 minute bike ride from my home there are some old apartment buildings being taken down. The whole area is fenced off, but it was easy to get in and take some quick shots (I really shouldn't do this on my own though, I was SO nervous!).
A lot of decay and demolition was going on, while in the surrounding gardens some glorious trees showed full blossom...I loved that contradiction.

I got some new snowboarding gear. Being on Roxy's mailinglist, I got an extra 50% off (on top of the 'end-of-season sale'!). Even though I still have to wait a year before I can use it, I'm so happy with my new and cheap scores!

And last but not two ever loving assistants and companions. Even though they break down my house weekly, love each other so much they make me feel left out and act quite retarded in general, I wouldn't miss them!

Thanks for reading and watching again my lovelies...don't hesitate to leave a comment if you like! A lot of randomness this time, but I hope to share some tutorials and a new travel journal soon! 

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