donderdag 4 april 2013

Lay your head down and dream away...

Last year I visited a fabric fair with my bestie Eef, and came home with some wonderful world mapped linen. It has the most delicious soft colors and a bit of a vintage feel to it...making me dream about far away places! So what would be a better purpose for this fabric than some cute pillowcases, to lay your head on and daydream away?

I actually made four pillow cases. I kept one for myself, and one went to Eeffie (with the yellow-ish back). The remaining two are now available in my shop, since I finally uploaded them yesterday!

The two cases that went into the shop both have a green-ish backside. One is more greyish green, the other mossy green...both soft, ribbed fabric that match the world map perfectly well. The pillow cases close with a strip of velcro, neatly sewn into the upper flap.

I also added a little tag, saying 'handmade with love' (which they are!).

So...if you're interested, head over to my shop to get one, or maybe use this post as an inspiration to make your own! I'm pretty sure different kinds of world mapped fabric are available out there, so check your local market, fair or Etsy and get behind your sewing machine!

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