donderdag 16 mei 2013

Middie Parson Grace

Yesterday I finished my third custom Middie! I thought it was time to share something of these little cuties on my blog. This time it was a Middie 'Parson Grace', sent to me by the lovely Jen. She gave me enough freedom and time to enjoy working on her beloved doll (thank you Jen!) without pressure.

Parson Grace has a beautiful hair color (salmon/blond/pinkish), I tried to match the face up as well as I could to make these pretty hairs show off even better. Working on a Middie means 'tiny work'...the lips and nose are much smaller than those of normal Blythes. I secretly love working on a Blythe after carving a Middie, just because of that feeling that the Blythe is so much 'bigger and easier' (which I never feel when I normally start working on a Blythe :P)...heheh! 

Jen wanted her Middie to become a sweet and innocent girl, nothing too flashy or wild. I hope I succeeded in this job :)

For anyone who's curious...carving the lips, nose and nostrils probably take me about 4-8 hours (depending on how 'heavy' the customer wants the carving, and well...just on how things are going). The actual face up (using pastels, pencils and gloss) takes me another 2-4 hours (normal Blythes take me a little bit longer on this area). Then also count in the head opening and closing again, adding custom lashes and making some nice pictures of the 'new' girl...and that's what it takes me to customize a Middie! Of course this is just how it works for me... I've often been wondering how long it takes other customizers though (please leave a comment if you want to share!)!

If you're interested to see the other two Middies I've customized before this Parson Grace:
- here you can see Bellamy;
- and here you can see Lucy!

For now it will be the last commission I took regarding customizing...I'm just too busy at the moment. My colleague at work will be leaving for three months due to pregnancy, and I will take over a lot of her patients. Of course júst when I also have to do quite some internship hours for busy times ahead! ;)

But..I dó have some girls at home which I'm slowly working on when I have the time, and that will be up for adoption as soon as I have them finished. So stay tuned!

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  1. I so agree. It takes much longer on the tiny girls with the exception of the makeup. You have done wonderful work on all three.......but my favorite girl is Lucy. xo Rella

  2. Thank you Rella! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who's sometimes struggling with their tiny-ness ;) Keep up the good work, and thanks for your compliments! Lucy's cute huh ;) X

  3. She is so so so pretty! You really got the talent, girl!

    1. Thanks Eef...I got this commission due to your Lucy, Jen loved her so much!


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