woensdag 18 januari 2012

A Yo-SD shirt...

Yesterday I made a little Yo-SD shirt, just 'cause I was in the mood to sew for this size :) I really love this floral fabric which has a tiny rib in it, I have been dying to use it! With the yellow rims it makes quite a special color combination...

Emily wanted to model it for us. Ever since she came back from her spa @ Viridian House, I can't believe how stunning her little face is. Most of my dolls have a mischievous attitude, but Emily is another story. Her look is more innocent, and sometimes even shy.

As soon as I have made some more (non-commissioned) clothes, I will do a little update in my shop. I'll keep you posted about that, right here and on my flickr-photostream! 

Off to bed now, it's almost midnight...sweet dreams!

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