zaterdag 21 januari 2012

One curly reroot

I've finished yet another reroot. I don't know how many reroots I've done so far, it might be 20 already...but this one definitely took me the longest! The customer asked for an extra full reroot, so I used at least 2 ounces of mohair: an endless amount of plugs!

It was done by the knot method. Not my favorite and fastest method to work with, but probably the safest for mohair. The two big advantages of the knot method is that you have a very small risk of pulling a plug through the hole while combing (this risk is bigger with the lock-loop method), and all the mohair fibers are in the one right direction (while with the lock-loop method you fold the plug in half, which will result in half of the fibers aligning in the wrong direction...this can become a big felted, knotted mess with mohair that tends to felt quickly!).
Oh, and I forgot another good point of the knot method: you can keep your locks long!

When I'm finished with rerooting, I usually secure the knots on the inside with a little layer of glue. I know some people actually put a drop of glue on each single plug of hair, but I find that one complete layer of glue (in combination with good double knots) work well enough to secure the strands. Plus it saves a little time!

Last part on this job was the perming. I used just velcro curlers this time (like these, the red ones). I cut them in half, 'cause a dolly scalp is not that big :) heheh! (Just be careful when you take them out, the hair easily sticks to them and will get damaged if you pull too hard...)
I put the rollers in wet hair, and laid the permed scalp away for a couple of days. When I took the rollers out again, the curls had set in beautifully!

Well, I hope the customer will be happy with her rerooted scalp. She waited quite a while for it, but hopefully it was worthwhile wait!

Ps. Don't mind the model... She's a customizing victim, I haven't done any work on her yet and she just laid around scalpless!

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