donderdag 28 juni 2012

Kitteh Galore!

My boyfriends parents got two kittens a week ago, both 6 week old females. They're just beyond adorable (it's almost more cuteness than I can bear!), so I couldn't keep myself from doing a little photoshoot with them last weekend. Watch and drool :)

This is Pino. She's not to be trifled with, and looks the snappiest of both kittens (did I mention they're from different nests?). Her cutting (but beautiful!) looks can be misleading though, she's definitely sweet...though a bit less huggable than her 'sister'.

And here's the other one: Pablo.  She has a completely different face, way softer and chubbier. She loves to hug and cuddle, though it's a brave little kitty too. She well-matches Pino in their playful fights!

Both kitties spend their time playing, provoking each other into little fights...

... curiously exploring everything that's happening around them...

...and trying to catch tiny toys and balls.

When they're finally exhausted from playing, they fall asleep to dream kitty dreams...

...comfortably cuddled up together...

...or on someone's lap!

Enough cuteness for now, time to get some tissues to wipe the drool of your keyboard ;)
Maybe I'll do another little shoot when they're a bit bigger! I hope their owners are happy with this collection of shots, a nice memory of their fast growing kitteh's. 

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  1. Wow great pictures! And they are sooooo cute!!! and so innocent ..... still!


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