woensdag 18 april 2012

Little update tomorrow!

Hi folks!

It's been a while...I'm still alive, busy with a lot of things other than blogging/crafting. I hope I can get back on track soon, I miss being creative!
I finally moved into my own apartment, it's really starting to feel like home now. I still have quite some stuff (books, craft supplies) at my parents house though, which makes it difficult to get crafty. Besides that, I'm busy with a pretty intense assignment for my studies at the moment...and I still don't have an internet connection at my place! Excuses enough for not being around so much? :P

Anyways, living on your own isn't cheap, I really need some funds. So I decided to do a little update in my Etsy shop, I still had some finished clothing items lying around. The items will be up tomorrow, on 17.00 (5pm) Amsterdam time. A lot of people have shown interest in my clothes the last months (thanks girls, I feel honored!), I promised them to at least pronounce an update...so here it is!

Make sure you'll be around at the Lovalizious shop tomorrow at 5, see you there!

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