maandag 19 maart 2012

Brain concussion, mustache mugs & a new home!

Hi folks, it's been a little while since I wrote something here. My Mug Cozy Tutorial made it to Craftgawker by the way, yay!

Anyway, the reason it took me some time to post a new blog, is because I had a brain concussion. I fell during the last day of my snowboarding holiday, and even though I did wear my helmet, I seemingly hit my head pretty hard on the snow. I can't remember a thing of it, which was quite a weird experience on itself. It's three weeks later now though, and it seems like most things are back to normal, luckily :) No puffy head anymore, and no more dizziness or concentration problems. Only a stupid tiredness that drives me to bed early, still need more sleep than normal. Oh well!

I had an amazing week, I should definitely write a post about it later. I made hundreds of pics, including the most incredible sunsets, majestic mountains and cool action shots. It was a week I will never forget, that's for sure!

As soon as I felt like being crafty again (which took a little while), I decided to paint some mugs. I still had those two off-white (boring!) thrifted mugs laying around, they could definitely use some customizing. I bought porcelain paint at a house ware store nearby (Xenos, for the Dutchies around here...less than 5 euro's!). I drew half a mustache on a folded piece of paper, cut it out and - tadah! - had a perfect mustache template! Easy peasy, everyone can do it :)

Now I have some other news to share... I can actually use these mugs pretty soon, in my own apartment! Yup, I found a place of my own. Officially I will start living there on April the 1st (no kidding ;)), but I'll get the key already later this week. Right now I still live at my parents... I did stay at a students home some years ago, but this will be the first time I'll be completely on my own. Quite exciting and a bit scary! But also a great opportunity to let my creativity flow, I want the place to become completely 'me', I can't wait to start decorating, painting, renovating and designing!

Here are some little pics I took earlier. The furniture you see is from the previous owner, but it'll give an impression at least. I'm especially fond of the bedroom, doesn't it look cosy?!

I'll try to keep you guys updated on the progressions!

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