donderdag 16 februari 2012

My current favorite apps

This might sound shallow, but I pretty much can't imagine life anymore without my iPhone. brings together so many things I love into one device: a camera with endless editing possibilities, internet, email, games, books (oh, and don't forget the telephoning options :P).

I thought I'd share some of my favorite current apps with you. At first I wanted to add some photography-apps too, but it turns out I have so many of these, it might be better to make a separate mosaic for them. So no photography applications in this one, but lots of other fun stuff!

  1. Sleep Cycle: it's not only an alarm, but it also registrates your sleep cycles at night (using the iPhone's accelerometer). I find it very interesting to see how deep asleep I was during the night! The alarm wakes you during the light sleep phase, resulting in waking up easier and less tired. 
  2. Craft Gawker: this app collects DIY-blog posts from al over the Web. They are put together in a clear and simple photo-gallery, through which you can scroll easily. I've got this app for a long time, it provides in a daily dose of inspiration and creativity. 
  3. Tiny Tower: Tiny Tower is a simple game, in which you have to build a tower as high as possible, existing out of different floors. Bitizens live on the residential floors, and work on the commercial ones. By managing all processes in your tower as effective as possible, you earn money to build new floors. Every new floor is a surprise, which makes this game quite addicting. One day, I'm going to transfer my tower into a cross-stitch pattern. I promise. 
  4. Wordfeud: almost everyone in my country with an iPhone has this app. It's simply a digital version of Scrabble, only now you don't have to do the mathwork by head. You can play against anyone you want (known and unknown). I've plaid probably hundreds of Wordfeud games against my friends, boss, family and strangers. Wanna play too? Just let me know your username and I'll add you!
  5. Unblock Me: age-old game, probably doesn't even need explanation. I play it when I have to wait, or when I need some simple distraction. Perfect for the lost minutes!
  6. Triple Town: my latest addiction. It combines the popular match-3 strategy with building an empire. My mom is playing it on her iPad while I'm typing this. Seriously, we can't stop anymore! The graphics are cute, though you won't love that sweet bear as much anymore when you start playing the game ;)
  7. Run Roo Run: the new 'Angry Birds' - a platform game with a simple gameplay and short levels. You have to help a little Kangaroo save his girlfriend on the other side of Australia, by making him jump and run over al kinds of obstacles. The bonus levels are extra challenging!
  8. iSpin Toolkit: a very useful app for spinners. It helps you define the WPI of your handspun yarn, as well as the twist angle. It also has some other very handy calculators (including explanations) and even a cm/inch ruler!
  9. iMapMyRUN+: when I run, I start this app to measure my speed, distance and burnt calories. It also tracks down my route in a map, and logs every workout. When you make an online account, you can find even more statistic data of your workout on the Internet! You can share your workouts with friends, and see other people's routes in your neighborhood (= inspiration for a new run when you're tired of the same route every time).
I have a lot more apps I use on an almost daily base (like WhatsApp), but I think these are the most interesting ones. Do you have any good tips too? Share them in a comment, I love to discover new apps!

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